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Last week we launched the FamousDC Media Ticket. Several of our favorite Web sites linked to it so we wanted to pay back the favor:


Lord Save Us: Journos Running The White House?!?

The folks at FamousDC have proven smarter at this whole “start a new blog” thing than we ever could have anticipated.

Extreme Mortman:

Save A Pulitzer For FamousDC

Outstanding work by FamousDC for its new “Media Ticket.”

Mike Allen’s Playbook:

YA CAN’T MAKE IT UP —FAMOUS DC, the mystery website, posts its all-media fantasy administration, with Dana Milbank as V.P., Chuck Todd as White House chief of staff, Rick Klein as Secretary of Labor, Danielle Jones as Secretary of Transportation and Jonathan Martin as Secretary of Education. Someone who’s famous not just in D.C.: “Now THAT’S a good way to abolish the Department of Education.”


FamousDC’s Media Ticket!

“The Beltway Community lives and dies by the words penned from Washington’s elite press corp – so isn’t about time we put our entire country’s livelihood in their hands?”  — FamousDC

And so the blog FamousDC is debuting their media campaign ticket tomorrow, and gave Shenan some teasers – they are hilarious.

Potomac Flacks:

Famous DC has posted their “Media Ticket” — who they envision making the best 2008 Administration if it were all journalists.  At the top of the list — none other than Mike Allen, President.  Good call and we’re certain he’ll leave office with a higher approval rating than any President in history.  Overall, in our judgment, a well-rounded administration.