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We’ve reported on the woes of Nancy’s fancy new cafeteria, and while reviews have not been good for Team Green- it’s only because everything is changing, and some people just don’t adapt well to change – especially when has to do with comfort food.

Cage-free eggs are one thing, but as Tighten Up writes, don’t mess with the yogurt …

Nancy, we need to talk. Not about anything you are doing really as Speaker of the House, but more about what you are doing to the Capitol Carry Out. Most of the food is better and the fact that the forks are made of recycled corn syrup warms my heart… but seriously… fruit on the bottom yogurt is disgusting. I understand that it’s cage free, organic and probably made in a fair trade rain forest, but it has also ruined my morning because it is vile. Bring back Dannon peach yogurt and [tighten up.]

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