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meatballed.jpgThe below email came from a FamousDC reader. [so spread the word]

In its most personal form, Speaker Pelosi’s greening-the-Capitol initiative gave her gang of greenie-weenies a license to steamroller our comfortable old lunch-o-ramas and bringmeatballed.jpgmeatballed.jpg in fresh paint, fresh chefs, fresh prices.

Now we get grass-fed beef, free-range eggs, and fontina pizza, whatever that is.

OK, fine. The trouble started when the man took away meatball sub day in the Rayburn Deli.

Confronted by staffers, the restaurant regime tried a thin alibi — “we weren’t told that meatball subs should be on the menu” – but that only incited the mob. Bipartisan revolt came down quicker than a greased guillotine.

Then, two weeks ago, staffers were informed that the chefs were “perfecting their recipe” and that meatball subs would be back on Thursday, Feb. 7.  More hollow promises from you-know-who?

…So now the subs are back and they’re made to order and then finished off in the deli’s sandwich toaster, and they might just be better than ever- especially if you leave off the tofu.

Reports from the front lines that first day say that they sold like air conditioners in Baghdad. No doubt the demand will accelerate further once more staffers realize the anti-meatballers have been squished like so much liverwurst.

Oh, victory is sweet, and it is ours!

How is it that the Italian Speaker of the House can’t manage to stomach the thought of meatballs?