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Below is an unbelievable exchange between a house staffer, [the name was omitted before it hit our inbox] and Perry, the Deputy Director of the “Green the Capitol” office.

Perhaps funnier than the actual email exchange, the fact that Nancy is using your tax dollars to pay at least two people to run the “Green the Capitol Office” – seeing as Perry is the Deputy. 

Perry’s response is typical, given Nancy’s attempt to save the planet.  Also, you be the judge as to whether Captain Deputy Greeny attempts to dodge the original question.



I appreciate the information regarding alternatives to cage-free eggs, but it did not answer either of the questions I asked in my previous email.

Here is the text of my previous email…

…I am wondering how Restaurant Associates is working with the increased cost of “cage-free” eggs and milk produced without “rbST” and whether they are absorbing those cost or if they are being passed along to the consumer.

Secondly, a point you hit on was that the materials downstairs are made from corn and Congressman “X” district is a large producer of corn.  This is the 2nd time I have had this point illustrated for me…would it be possible to find out how many bushels of corn are used in the creation of the clam-shell containers and utensils that are used by Restaurant Associates…

Getting non-answers to questions that I have regarding the recent switch in food venders and the apparent lack of knowledge regarding production agriculture that both Restaurant Associated and the Green the Capitol Office has is starting to prove very frustrating for me. 


Captain Greeny’s Response:

From: Plumart, Perry
Sent: Friday, March 07, 2008 9:57 AM
Subject: alternative to cage free eggs


The overwhelming majority of the customers in all the food service venues have been very satisfied with the cage free eggs being served.  Tens of thousands of the eggs have been sold.  We also have gotten positive feedback on the use of cage free eggs.  Therefore the food service will not be offering alternative eggs for the cage free ones.

Thanks for your continuing interest.


Perry Plumart
Deputy Director
Green the Capitol Office
Office of the Chief Administrative Officer