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Chef Pelosi taps Wolfgang Puck to help save the planet- one straw at a time.

Queen Nancy’s attempt to “green up” Capitol Hill has left the entire campus confused and mostly pissed off. As if prices for food in the House cafeterias didn’t suck enough, apparently they suck even more now that the menu includes items such as “cage-free shell eggs” and Wolfgang Puck’s, famous “Vive la Crème Caramel” coffee.

We’ve received plenty of emails today on Nancy’s new kitchen, so don’t take it from us; take it from the poor souls who have to dine there:

Email 1: Honestly, who wants to eat Peruvian Purple Potatoes, apple wood bacon, champagne vinaigrette, and shallots for lunch from the House cafeteria? Oh, and the new cups are made out of 100% corn (non-edible, I’ve heard) and there’s a rumor the forks dissolve in water after a week (currently on day two of that test). And the straws disintegrate.

Email 2: This quote is my favorite… “We have had a few people observe that [straw] phenomenon and we had to tell them, ‘Sip your coffee like a normal human being,'” Ventura said. “We’re trying to save the planet here.”

Is this guy now telling people HOW to enjoy their coffee? That by drinking it through a straw, somehow I am NOT a human being? …Only because their eco-straws go limp? Give me a break Ventura. You’re a clown. And honestly, why does the Chief Administrative Officer need a spokesman? What a waste of a salary…speaking of salary, turns out he makes a little over $106,400 a year. Not bad for a supposed “NON-PARTISAN” Office of the Chief Administrative Officer. Oh but then again, the current CAO used to be the Chief of Staff for a very prominent SF East Bay Congressman. (Now Chairman of the House Education Committee) Yeah, non-partisan my arse. Let’s not forget the $100,000 in tax-payer money he pissed away on the Chicago Climate Exchange, some ‘feel-good’ bunk carbon-credit purchasing system.

Read the ridiculousness here.