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We’re on the last leg of summer, and at risk of sounding like an old person…. wow, time flies. Soon, hordes of college students will be flocking to the District like locusts, disrupting your peace. Since you have around one to two more weekends to enjoy a slightly quieter DC, we’ve …

What, the weekend is here?! Well that certainly snuck up, but never fear as we’ve got your back with this weekend’s top things to do, see, drink and eat. BONUS: Monday night, head over to Top of the Hill to support the District’s own Pat Leahy and his kickstarter campaign for the documentary “Blind Lifter.” For more information on Leahy’s inspiring documentary encouraging kids with disabilities to stay physically active and join sports visit his website. Monday, May 20th: Top of the Hill – 6pm

Here we are folks, just a day before the end of the world if you believe the Mayans and a weekend before Christmas Eve. For those of you on the Hill, including me, you may be spending your holiday eating turkey on Capitol Hill if this fiscal cliff isn’t resolved, so I present you with a weekend full of merriment should you be released from work. Good luck and Merry Christmas/Festivus/Kwanzaa to all!

December is such a lovely time in DC – the city is decorated beautifully and most hotels, restaurants and bars offer plenty of merriment while showcasing exquisite decorations. The weekend is here again and the city is your oyster. So, get out there and enjoy all it offers this holiday season. After all, it’s the ending weekend of Chanukah and just one more week before Christmas!