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Wow, that was fast.  How long until the tech nerds complain that the blog doesn’t allow comments and that the site doesn’t feature social networks.  3.2.1…

The Washington Post recently launched TastePost, a new food and spirits club for ridiculously good looking area residents who love food, wine, beer and spirits. TastePost connects members right to experts from The Washington Post Food section-giving them recommendations on wine, food pairings, and entertaining. TastePost also provides its members …

When it’s the gold standard in campaign websites, it’s no wonder foreign politicians want to steal it.  [Xerox]

Somewhere in America there’s a socially awkward college drop out living in mom’s basement with entirely too much time on their hands. And we couldn’t be happier about it. Palin as President Be sure to click on the door three times in a row – then click on the deer.

The web wizards over at Team McCain have just re-launched John McCain dot com.  It’s very fancy and if you enjoy windmills, you’ll love it as much as we did.