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Josh Rogin doesn’t think Obama fundraisers make good ambassadors, so he’s looking for an appointment himself. President Obama, you have a chance to fulfill your campaign promise of appointing foreign policy professionals, not campaign bundlers, to important diplomatic posts in foreign capitals. Send Josh Rogin to the Bahamas to fulfill

Is this a first of its kind? RNC Communications Director Sean Spicer gets his iPad signed By Mike Allen. [video]

So, right by the Capitol, they’ve put up new stimulus signs – this one next to a “Johnny on the Spot.”  [of all the places] Yes, the federal government is now spending your money to build American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Portable Toilets. As our tipster stated, “they are making

If somehow the good people of DC and the surrounding area can pull this off, it’ll be the greatest achievement at FedEx field all year. [finally, a reason to go to a game] Daniel Snyder wants to ban signs at FedEx Field? Then let’s turn the stadium itself into a