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Stuck in a costume rut? The folks at NJI Media have a handy decision flowchart for 2013 topical costumes to get you out of it. Click to see who you should be. We can’t promise there won’t be a million other people in the same costume at every party you attend, but at …

Good morning baby panda photos [new] Georgetown waiter buys nice stuff [picassos] An original DC beer (+pleasure) garden [Mt. Vernon] Invisible shutdown [effects] Facebook weather becoming a problem [frauds] Photo by Dan Lawrence

It got pretty wet around here [records broken] We are the champions– in Virginia, regarding [beer] Washington Redskins not so hot [Cowboys] Inspired to clean up the [National Mall] They came, they caused traffic, they left [truckers] DC designed you a new drivers’ license [flowery] States are paying to keep …

So there was yesterday [scary] Subject of “This Town” didn’t read [the book] Buildings may rise [height restrictions] “Gravity” seems pretty good [review] Fall style [inspiration] Photo by John Sonderman

Shutdown Diaries at WCP [get real] Watch out for that midday rush [hour] Wild Animal Rehab Center opens in DC [cute] First Caps game! [loss] Summer weather this [weekend] What Members are tweeting about [shutdown tweets] Photo by Kevin Wolf

Start the clock [shutdown] Metro’s good though [no shutdown] Gas station restaurants [who knew] Goodbye UMD golf course [fore] “Bikers, what bikers?” -City of Alexandria, VA [lanes] 10 things about Homeland you probably didn’t know [knowledge] Photo by Noe Todorovich

So long as Bingo is still on this weekend. Spotted in the Minneapolis Airport.

Government shutdown stories are all the rage. [Roll Call] Senate Sergeant-at-Arms Terrance Gainer sent a somberly worded email to his staff late Wednesday informing them that if the government shuts down Friday, reluctantly he would have to send most of them home without pay. Not to mention if these staffers …