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JoMa: Fred raises big cash since debate, goes back on air

Meet the Press: Hillary Clinton. Face the Nation: Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee Fox News Sunday: Rudy Giuliani. This Week: Sen. John Kerry. Newt Gingrich. Late Edition : Romney, Huckabee and Fred Thompson C-SPAN’s Newsmakers: South Carolina Gov. Mark Sandford will be interviewed by Politico’s Charles Mahtesian and McClatchy’s James …

Harris and VandeHei: Why reporters get it wrong “But the instinct to be even a couple hours ahead of the story is relentless. At The Washington Post, where we both worked, exit polls in 2004 had the newsroom busy working on Why Kerry Won stories—scrapped just minutes before publication as real …

Sample ballots misspell Giuliani’s name – Rudi instead of Rudy

Clinton Wins NH in a Stunning upset

Fox News calls the New Hampshire GOP primary for John McCain.