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The hip-hop loving Congressman Trey Radel talks about rap, his love of Rasika, various mayonnaises, and why the House would beat the Senate in a food fight I didn’t know too much about the Freshman class of the 113th Congress except that we got a bunch of bros from North Carolina (my home state) and that there was a Congressman from Florida who loves hip-hop. His name is Trey Radel, and he’s basically awesome (new bro-crush, move over Paul Ryan). I sat down with Congressman Radel, a fellow early 90s hip-hop connoisseur, to get the scoop on his love for music, and of course, find out he’s eating! The Congressman was more than happy to chat. I’m always curious why Members of Congress decide to run for office. It’s not super glamorous, there are crazy long hours, even crazier long travel hours, and their pay…well, we all have the Google machine. Rep. Radel didn’t run because he had to, he ran because he wanted to.