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This is terrible news for the “Bring Your Child to Work” program. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating how a child was allowed to direct air traffic at the nation’s sixth-busiest airport – New York’s JFK International. [brilliant] We’re quite certain the passengers were thrilled when they heard the news.

This kid can parallel park better than 99% of DC residents.

This screen grab was taken from the Judiciary Committee TV channel. [seriously] Our guess is that this kid is a relative, based on where he was sitting. Whether he was giving thumbs up to the TV on purpose, or whether it was meant for Judge Sotomayor is TBD.  All we …

A WGN reporter [entirely unqualified] who dunks over a little kid named Tyler, laughs at him, makes him cry on air and then confesses that he feels "powerful" for doing it, is our d-bag of the day. Congratulations, assbag.