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Graffiti drones [are a thing] Craving grilled cheese today? [you’re lucky] Narrowly escaping punishment [DC fire lieutenant] Here’s your cherry blossom tourist scavenger hunt [the most dangerous game] Cherry Blossoms in peak bloom [quick, everyone frame a building between the branches] Photo by Nathan Jones  

Dating was up while we were [shut down] District won’t shut down in January [money money money] DC’s electronic pop scene in a [flowchart] Disco Dan, DC Graffiti artist, on the [loose] Bionic Man crossing [streets of dc] Photo by Andrew Bossi

Rebellion [speed camera graffiti] Twelve days till [fall] We aren’t riding the Metro [as much] Washington Redskins [loss] ESPN joins the trend: Washington DC [Not-the-Redskins] New DC United stadium [closer than ever] Photo by Andrew Bossi

And why not… David Cameron presents Barack Obama with graffiti art A painting by a graffiti artist was among the official gifts to Barack Obama from David Cameron on his first trip to Washington as prime minister. [exchange policy] He also gave him a half-eaten Snickers, three “I voted” stickers, …