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I could not take my eyes off of this movie. Based on the bestselling book by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl tells the story of a husband (future destroyer of the Batman franchise Ben Affleck) accused of murdering his disappeared wife (Rosamund Pike). The pacing, score, and acting were solid. The revelations were…well, a revelation! I have not been so intrigued during a movie this entire year. Problems? Oh, two pretty big ones: 1) The last 20 to 30 minutes dragged. Badly. Came damn near close to hurting the overall film and, 2) While it was probably a solid adaptation, I feel that the movie left out a number of character development pieces that would have helped the viewer understand the principal’s motivations. The single folks will say “This is what I have to look forward to when married?”, while the married exclaim “Wait, murder is an option? Why did no one tell me!?!”  Go see it, now. But make sure you do not talk to someone who has read the book. Trust me, I have my reasons.