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Fellow Americans, it has been four years since our last election. In those four years our country has experienced great highs; the death of the Osama bin Laden, the premiere of Glee, the rollout of the new and the Nats making it into playoffs. But we have also experienced the lowest of lows; the Salahi divorce, NFL replacement officials, the closing of the Hawk and Dove, Cap Lounge burning down [again] and Metro’s continued single tracking. As November approaches, we’re often reminded that nothing is more vital to the future of our country than who we elect into office. So while the campaign rhetoric heats up these next few weeks, ask yourself: Are politicians really the best suited to straighten out our country? Or can we do better? What if instead of electing politicians, we allowed the Fourth Estate to run the country? The people who know more about the political process than those actually running for office. Without further ado, we present to you the 2012 FamousDC Media Ticket.