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#NATIONAL Today’s most beautiful story: a kid dressed up in a Teletubby costume, broke into his friend’s house, dumped their leftover Chinese into his man purse, and left; It’s the Giants, again; #nope fake clowns terrorizing France; Starbucks will deliver so you don’t have to walk fifty feet ; J.K. …

We dare you to top this gingerbread house [by DC folks] Even more winter this weekend [ready your hats] Lake Shaw is not happening [DIY ice rink tho?] WaPo delivery guy stole money from mail [no happy birthday money for you] Photo by Kevin Wolf

The USPS just wants to work as hard as most everyone else. [Five days a week] The Postal Service took the first formal step Wednesday toward cutting mail delivery to five days a week. [cough] FedEx [cough]