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Admit it: you were a superstar this week. You deserve a drink and any or all of these weekend activities.

Meet Libby Casey. Libby arrived in DC after a successful career in Alaska, and she has made a name for herself in journalism as the host and producer of C-SPAN’s morning show “Washington Journal.” Libby was also a brave participant in a recent charity competition where she performed a standup routine. She was a standout (ba dum chh) among the other competitors with her Washington-focused C-SPAN riffs. Luckily FamousDC had the chance to catch up with her to discuss her career and comedy.

Meet Comedian Flip Orley. Meet Hypnotist Flip Orley. Flip was generous enough to answer a few questions about his show, an act that combines hypnotism and comedy. Be sure to grab your tickets as he’ll be in DC this weekend. 1. What is your favorite part of a performance? My …