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FAMOUS FORECAST The days are getting shorter and shorter so make sure you enjoy the sunny skies all day. (Does this mean the office days are shorter too?) Temperatures will barely make it over into the 40s, but that won’t stop you from bar hopping on U Street, will it? WHAT …

This isn’t exactly breaking news – only because it happened light years ago, but we figured we’d share anyway. Remember that huge fireball explosion that happened near the Key Bridge?  The one CBS hyped up and then didn’t deliver on.  Well thanks to innovative technology [a camera], we finally received …

Here’s an exclusive look at the Obama Transition Team’s Holiday card at Santa’s expense.

You know what Rahm’s inbox looks like, but what about his Christmas card? UPDATE: Crazy called, they want their Christmas card back.  [loves it]

Is that Rep. Loretta Sanchez drinking poo water? At least the photo below isn’t as bad as this sucker. Sewer to Spigot: Recycled Water [WSJ]