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Bush won’t tap the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve to ease oil prices.

Online support grows for ‘hot’ Bhutto son “The Oxford undergraduate, who attended his mother Benazir Bhutto’s funeral last Friday, reveals a few things about himself on his own Facebook site, describing his political views as “liberal”. “Bilawal, who is due to return to his studies in Oxford this month, lists …

but Rose Bowl Parade Protest Fizzles

In 2008, the first wave of a generation 78 million strong will hit the Social Security system

Memorable Moments from Campaign Trail

Fournier: Huckabee May Have Gone Too Far

The Fix: Sources: Wicker to be Barbour’s Choice

Extreme-ness notes the Seinfeld factor in the current political environment.

Maradona wants tattoo of Chavez. “Argentine soccer great Diego Maradona wants to add an image of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to his well-known collection of tattoos of leftist leaders.”

Trial Delayed Due to LSU-Ohio State Game.

“American filmaker is jumping at a chance to meet with a group the U.S. classifies as a terrorist organization.” “Stone arrived in the steamy Colombian city of Villavicencio on Saturday as part of a mission led by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to retrieve three hostages held for years by the …

Specter, Patrick Kennedy Visit Syria U.S. senator upbeat on peace between Syria, Israel Syria denies passing message to Israel via Egypt France freezes Syria contacts