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9/21 Friday Round Up: Traffic is light. You should leave work now.

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Awesome events: Before we get to the highly anticipated Taste of Georgetown taking place this weekend, let us present you with some options to tide you over until Sunday; It’s the last weekend to get it on the latest fashion trends at DC Fashion Week; The 90s aren’t going away anytime soon so join in on the party tonight at the National Geographic Museum where White Ford Bronco is performing obvs; Museums are FREE on Saturday thanks to Museum Day (we’re comin for ya, Phillips!); The Weiner 500 is not what you think it is, but you should think about going; The DC State Fair boasts “fun for pets and people of all ages” for nine years this Sunday; And speaking of pets… err animals, National Zoo kicks off the Smithsonian-wide Hispanic Heritage Month with ZooFiesta on Sunday.


Climbing The Hill isn’t meant to be a thriller, but we did find it thrilling (at least one of us did). Pre-order your Capitol Hill survival guide today or we’ll block you on Twitter or something.

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Flashback Friday: It looks like dockless transportation will stay in DC, but not without some changes. In case you missed our in-depth discussion this summer on these modes of transpo, please do ride along below 🚲

The Gist: Dockless Bikes and Scooters

DC's traffic and metro are a mess. So what's the solution? FamousDC takes a look into the city's latest craze: dockless bikes and scooters 🚲🏃

Posted by FamousDC on Tuesday, June 19, 2018


The Sweetgreen in Georgetown used to sell burgers; Actually, A DC resident just won $100,000 in HQ Trivia; A millennial hotel is coming to DC and it’s bringing selfie elevators with it; Here are 4 personality types you can blame your attitude problem on; Exchange programs are for Congress too (h/t Alex Gangitano); People ran towards a burning senior home in Southeast DC with wheelchairs to rescue residents.


Friends of Lombardi is unique in that our agenda, for a lack of a better term, is unscripted. All board members are young professionals throughout the DMV with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a motivation to push the envelope.” | Read our latest Famous Five below! 🏈


Happy almost first day of fall y’all 🍁


Our thoughts and prayers are with Wendy Martinez’s friends, family and the FiscalNote team; Join us at Politics & Prose on Tuesday to launch “Climbing the Hill” with Jaime Harrison and Amos Snead; We wanna know how we can get the Micah Spangler anniversary special; We can’t wait to polish Marianna Brady’s Emmy; Happy two decades Vic and Amy Barcelona; Have fun in Deutschland, Rachel Wolbers; Erik Cox will get his free beer someday; Dirksen Cafeteria is making mushrooms great again (h/t Matt Duss); We see you hustlin, Nicole Tieman; Have you seen DJ Jamiel’s photography from the Redskins’ field?; Lauren French is debunking TLC; Nothing like a birthday burger to celebrate another year older, Dorey Scheimer; Tony Powell is definitely kale-ing it; Jack Smith has a wide receiver in the making; Paul Paliga is fab, fit and fun deep down; Katie Harbath can change a tire; Not everyone can look like Lauren Pratapas; Fritz Brogan made friends at the Convention Center; Happy year one at NJI, Victoria Langton! You’re one year closer to retirement; Did Josh Habursky get hit by a car and still make his SoulCycle class?; Don Seymour needs audiobook recs; Nikki Schwab is always on the move; Does Courtney Palazzo‎ read the Friday Round-Up?; Hello Carl Thorsen; FACT OF THE WEEK: Mike Ricci has been on Capitol Hill for 13 years; Is Josh Grogis always smiling?; Kate Bennett was running a bit hot this week; Becky Card is going to drop some knowledge on Saturday morning; Huge congratulations to Macey Sevcik and Garrett Kostbar on their engagement – and bonus points to Abby Sevcik on the surprise support!; Ask Andrea Riccio about her amazing new accessory;


Famous birthday wishes to Hope Palmer McDermott, Dorey Scheimer,Maureen Shanahan, Mercedes Marx, Moira Bagley Smith, Reid Porter, Carly Rolfe, Amy Harder, Freddy Padilla, CNN’s Brianna Keilar, Fox News’ Lisa Boothe, Kiki Burger, Kelly Linder, Katie McBreen, Artist Extraordinaire Justin Germany, Katie Varn King, SoRelle Wyckoff, Ryan Shucard, Brooke Brogan, Luke Lewis, Ericka Andersen Sylvester and Lisa Leonard!


Out like summer ☀️