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Attention all ball busters: Grab your party pants… err, leave them at home because this is one party where they’re optional.

This weekend is the 12th annual Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival in DC aka DC Testy Fest and it’s sure to be a real ball. The Montana State Society is hosting an event that’s sure to be more nuts than a bag of Planters dry roasted Pistachios. They’ll have you saying “Holy Cow!” with all the Crown Royal and beer you can swallow.

The party takes place tomorrow and in order to prepare ourselves, we wanted to get our hands on some important information. We sat down with Jayne Visser of the Montana State Society to find out exactly what separates this event from the rest and we can honestly say it didn’t require much explaining after being confronted with a silver platter full of bull testicles – no bull sh*t.

Warning: the following video is rated R for “really uncomfortable”.