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This post was written by FamousDC Friend, Allison Cunningham.

Caution: Spoiler Alerts Ahead.

Other Caution: you are running out of time to finish season 3.

Friends, it’s time to pick a side. No, not Republican or Democrat. Not Hillary or Bernie. Not Trump or “Dear God anyone else… (except Cruz)”. It’s time to decide…

Are you Team Frank, or Team Claire?

Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright in season 2 of Netflix's "House of Cards." Photo credit: Nathaniel Bell

Next Friday, Netflix will release House of Cards season 4, which means it’s time to start planning your watch party now. Last season left us with a huge cliffhanger: Claire walks out on Frank. This tees up a season of what is sure to be white-knuckled “Will they, won’t they”, and early peeks of episode 1 tell us this season will be full of twists and turns (and a Texas twang).

Last year, FamousDC did a recap of a Famously Bingeworthy watch party but this year, we want you to have one of your own.

Here are the tips necessary to make House of Cards watch party guests love you more than a shark loves blood:

Pick a side

When guests arrive, make them pick whether they are #TeamFrank or #TeamClaire. Declare your allegiance by picking a Team Frank or Team Claire cocktail!

Team Frank’s cocktail is a Bourbon Mule: The Pride of Gaffney wouldn’t be caught without bourbon, and you know President Underwood would love to stick it to a certain Russian, so grab a Bourbon Mule and show your loyalty to FU. Pour an ounce of bourbon into a copper mule mug, add in your favorite tart ginger beer, and squeeze in some fresh lime. Pound your fist twice and you’re ready to go.

Team Claire’s cocktail is just like her, sophisticated with a bitter secret: a classic champagne cocktail. Take a sugar cube and soak it in angostura bitters, drop it into a champagne flute and slowly fill in the champagne (or sparkling wine). Sip slowly before jogging through a graveyard.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.17.09 AM

Pick a start time (and a pre-game plan)

Tell your guests when you’ll start streaming the show, but plan for folks to show up late. Kill time before the show by playing some political games to get everyone in the mood and wait for stragglers to show up. I’d suggest The Contender or print out your own version of “House of Cards Against Humanity” to go with the regular pack.

Set the mood

Plan your menu based on some HoC favorites. Make Freddie’s ribs– (or in keeping with last season, more like re-election ribs), though if you don’t have 8 hours and a smoker, a rack from Hill Country will do. Whip up a round of Stamper’s Sliders, and finish it off with a Gaffney Peach Cobbler. Other southern favorites include anything smothered in pimento cheese.

Decorate with your favorite Presidential decorations from a local shop like Groovy Gifts or order some Republican, Democrat, or bi-party-san cocktail napkins. If you’re feeling cheeky, you can even get some other Presidential swag.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 10.17.24 AM

Get to watching

But make a game of it. Before you start, place bets on whether you think Frank and Claire stay separated or reunite Team Underwood.


A few other suggestions for sipping down as you watch along:

  • Drink every time Frank speaks directly to the camera
  • Drink every time someone mentions “AmWorks” (make it a “social” if the bill passes; finish your drink if it works)
  • Drink every time someone on Frank’s staff stabs someone else in the back. (Double drink if the same thing happened to you… #ThisTown)
  • Toast to 4 more years if Frank wins reelection!
  • Sit in silent reflection every time Doug makes a life choice that makes you shudder

Now go enjoy the show! Be sure to send us photos of your #FDCHOC party on Twitter, Instagram, and SnapChat.