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Famous 5: Erick-Woods Erickson

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Meet Erick-Woods Erickson. Well, there’s a good chance you’ve already met him, or at least heard of him. His notorious reputation in the political media arena is one that has made even a long-time conservative blush. He has been billed as one of the most powerful conservatives in America. Previously, he’s served as the editor-in-chief of the politically conservative blog, RedState and currently hosts the nightly, Erick Erickson Show on WSB Radio. His newest endeavor is a new website, The Resurgent, serving to change the landscape of conservative political blogs. This new platform seeks to entwine two worlds others often insist be kept separate. That is- the worlds of politics and religion.

1. How will The Resurgent be unique from other right of Erick_Erickson-1center political blogs?

It is going to be very activist focused with tools for activists to connect to public officials.  It will also be tied into my radio show so, though there is no comments section, people can call the show to discuss the stories.  Lastly, it’s going to spend a good bit of time on candidates.  The team will be on the road covering Campaign 2016, not just at the Presidential level, but at the congressional level, looking at the races from a grassroots, outside the beltway perspective.

The Alert map is a good example of the focus.  The map shows states that have coverage on the site.  It’s a way to keep readers invested in the site by being invested in what’s happening for conservatives in their own states.  The thing that will set it apart, however, is the lack of advertising.  We’re going to do weekly sponsorships instead of block after block of ads on the site.  There’ll be no auto-play videos, no Taboola semi-porn feeds, and no pop-up windows.  The biggest separation will be in readability of the site.  The Resurgent is a place you can go to without being overwhelmed by sidebars and clickbait.

2. You call this new endeavor an experiment in integrating a radio show and a website as an entity. How will the two forums play off each other?

The radio show will be embedded on the site for on demand listening.  As I talk about a piece from The Resurgent, the audio file of that discussion will get embedded into the piece.  In lieu of a comments section on the site, readers can call the radio show to discuss content from The Resurgent.  As my radio presence grows, local stations where the show is available will be put on the alert map.  We’ll also use the site to organize in person get togethers around the country.

3. If you had to pick a New Year’s Resolution for the Republican party, what would it be?

My New Years Resolution for the GOP would be to stop being afraid of their own shadow.  Every major fight the GOP has fought in the last two years, they’ve gone into the fight planning their surrender, instead of their victory.

4. XieychEbThe line between culture and politics, or political correctness, is one that has been debated at length in recent years. How will The Resurgent navigate that line?

I’ve been spending a lot of time in seminary thinking about the intersection of faith and politics.  I think we’re going to approach culture, politics, and political correctness from the angle that many of the loudest voices online fundamentally disagree with us, but they are not our audience and we are not going to cater to them.  We’re writing for people who do not live their lives on twitter, but feel like they have to be involved in politics for the sake of their family and country.

5. One of the 2016 Presidential Candidates calls you and wants to hang for the day. Who is it and what’s on the agenda?

It’s Hillary Clinton.  We’re going to go get pizza at Ingleside Village Pizza in Macon, Georgia, surrounded by Elvis knick-knacks.  Then we’re going to go watch Star Wars and hang out on my front porch discussing email security and favorite places in Europe. Actually, it’d be Rick Perry, now that he’s got time on his hands.  We’d have pizza and beer and shoot guns in the Texas Desert.  It’d be awesome.