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Alright all you power hungry Washingtonians, the moment has finally arrived in which you claim proximity to the president like never before. Get this- you can live at the same address. Well, except for the whole NW/ SE thing, but who pays attention to that part anyway?

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue SE, features 77 one-of-a-kind apartments at one powerful address. Located on Capitol Hill, living here puts you just moments from the metro, shopping, dining, entertainment, oh and the most coveted address of all time.


Here are top ten perks about living at this powerful address without assuming the all the responsibility:

  1. Your return address on every letter makes you look like a boss.
  2. You can say you play corn hole on the roof of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
  3. Scott Walker can be your neighbor and still have a presidential address.
  4. You can #humblebrag about the same things the president does, like getting your mail screened for security reasons.
  5. Paint your walls white and call your place the White House with legitimate confidence.
  6. Maybe you’ll get some Christmas cards meant for the Obamas by mistake.
  7. Look like a badass every time you give your Uber driver your address.
  8. Call your favorite neighbor your VP. In fact, assign all the residents on your floor cabinet positions.
  9. Walk by the White House and know that you and the POTUS have a topographic bond that runs deep.
  10. Claim the Pope has chilled in your living room (then just change the subject before anyone questions it).

What’s more? Live like a president and discover how you can get one month FREE rent. Must be a presidential perk or something.

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