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Famous 5: Jaime Bernstein

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Meet Jaime Bernstein, professional matchmaker for Three Day Rule– an LA based personalized matchmaking company. The team of world-class matchmakers provides service in six major cities across the country and Jaime is our very own dating expert here in the district. Jaime found love in DC and is eager to help other eligible singles do the same.

TDR_Jamie083-21. How did you first get involved with Three Day Rule?

I chose matchmaking because matchmaking chose me! I have always been drawn to setting up friends, family, and co-workers. I had heard about Three Day Rule’s success in other cities even before the company launched in DC. I reached out to TDR’s corporate office because I knew I could really help hyper-busy singles. There is no greater joy than helping two people find love.

For professionals just moving to the city, it can be tough to meet other eligible singles. People work so hard here that they oftentimes spend much of their (very limited) free time with colleagues and others who work in the same industry, with few opportunities to meet those outside their usual circles.

2. What is your idea of the perfect D.C. date?

Well, the PERFECT date anywhere is when two people make an authentic connection, but in DC there really are lots of locations and activities to have a great date and fun experience. For example, DC and the surrounding areas are home to some incredible international cuisine. It’s so fun to experiment with new food and even if you and your date aren’t fans, you’ll be able to laugh about it later! On 14th Street, Baan Thai is serving traditional Thai cuisine beyond the typical noodle dishes we’re all used to. If one or both of you haven’t tried Ethiopian food yet, check out any of the places on and near U Street. After dinner, go for some wine at Barcelona or cocktails at Jack Rose in Adams Morgan.

3. How do you think that mobile matchmaking apps like Tinder and Hinge have affected the dating scene?

People are exhausted and overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps and dating sites out there. While it’s fun to swipe left and right and get a quick ego boost, most of the time these connections don’t advance beyond the texting phase. Dating apps can provide a false sense of optionality, which translates into people being less willing to commit or even follow through on an actual date. For singles who are looking for a more committed type of relationship, the dating apps may not work as well. I speak to single Washingtonians every day who are craving a more human connection – it can be very hard to assess chemistry between two people from a brief exchange on a dating app. Many of the singles I work with are busy, successful professionals who don’t have time to waste on dating. They outsource the work and upfront vetting to me so that by the time I introduce them to a potential match, they already know the match has been pre-screened and meets the criteria they are looking for.

4. Where are the best places for single guys/ girls to out on the town and meet new people?

You could start at a Three Day Rule event like the Potomac cruise we hosted just a few weeks ago! Fall in DC is a great time to meet new people out and about. There are kickball leagues on the Mall and networking events for almost every profession. DC is home to wonderful nonprofits so I suggest finding a cause that speaks to you and getting involved. You’ll be contributing to the community and meeting people who have the same interest.

5. What is a “must” that a pair needs to have in common in order to make a great match?

For me, humor is the “must” that the pair needs to have in common. There is nothing better or more flirtatious than sharing laughter on a date!