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Welcome to Famous Feedback. We asked the folks that live and run this city a question and compiled the responses. In light of recess putting half the city on vacation (not really, but you know) we thought it would be fun to see what district dwellers love about August recess – a distinctly DC event. Their answers are below.

Less Traffic. –Michelle Fields

My favorite part about recess is that there aren’t any lines in the cafeteria. But now that I’m off the hill, I know my friends on the hill have no excuse not to come downtown for lunch.Jim Swift 

You can park everywhere. Oh, except Dupont. And Chinatown. OK, nevermind. Rick Klein

Hill staffer friends finally stop complaining about how hard they work…for a few days. Then they complain instead that recess is too short.Mindy Finn

August recess means college football is right around the corner. #WarEagle.Freddy Barnes

Less seersucker sightings. –Kate Bennett 

Everyone is much nicer in August — even to reporters. Well, almost everyone.Shira Toeplitz

It allows me to leave work early every day to pursue new hobbies like Falconry – the Sport of Kings.Doug Andres

The commute is a breeze, the office is more relaxed, and every day has potential for an impromptu liquid lunch.  Recess is what we dream about when it’s sleeting and dark before 5pm.Meg Smith

I love most that my husband comes home early and makes dinner! On tonight’s menu — shrimp and grits! –Mary Kathryn Steel

That it coincides perfectly with Restaurant Week.Georgette Spanjich

Guns, duh.Washington Free Beacon

August recess means college football season is here. War Eagle! –Alex Schriver

I’m more able to watch Bob Ross videos without being interrupted. –Josh Shultz

Shhhhhhhhhhhh. –Chris Gindlesperger

You can walk in Cap Lounge in jeans and a T-shirt and get served within 5 minutes.Paige Gress

Not needing restaurant reservations.Stef Woods

August means a quicker commute and that the Crimson Tide has taken to the practice field to prepare for their 15th National Championship.Amos Snead 

Lol. –Jackie Kucinich

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