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Bubba Atkinson

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Meet Bubba Atkinson, Editor-in-Chief of the rapidly growing media outlet, IJReview. Bubba joined the publication in April 2012 and has seen the company through incredible expansion over the last three years (and there’s no signs of slowing down now). He and IJReview founder, Alex Skatell agreed to subject themselves to the grueling hardball questions of a Famous 5. Here’s what Bubba had to say.

1. Your newsroom staff has more than doubled in the last year. What makes your team an all-star cast of characters?

We work together, and we listen to each other. We’re like the Mighty Ducks of newsrooms, because – as the great Gordon Bombay taught us – “ducks fly together.”

2. You’ve done some great creative work with presidential candidates. Who was the most fun to work with and why?

The pyromaniac in me loved working with Lindsey Graham for using approximately 700% more lighter fluid than we needed to light a cell phone on fire. But the funniest stuff happens in the brainstorm meetings with the crew in-house. We’ve become really good friends and could have a fantastic time with a pet rock.

3. Is content still king?

Without a doubt in my mind, content is – and always will be – king. Some people or companies have figured out ways to trick various systems in a multitude of ways, but tricks never last. The internet is too smart to be duped.

4. What’s your biggest challenge as the editor of IJ Review?

The biggest challenge I face is making sure that we have the best system and processes in place. Some days I feel like I’m a player for the 1992 USA Dream Team, some days I feel like Dr. Phil, and other days I feel like a team mom that’s just excited to get everyone some orange slices at the end of the game. I simply want to do whatever I need to do to maintain respect for both our audience and the talented (and hilarious) employees we’ve been lucky enough to work with.

5. President Obama calls and wants to kick it with you for the day; what’s on the agenda?

I thought you’d never ask.
7:00am – President Obama and I meet at Starbucks over coffee and breakfast sandwiches to discuss logistics and ensure that we have the proper camera equipment for the day.
7:45am – We call Dr. Jill Biden to make sure everything is going according to plan.
8:00am – We surprise Joe Biden and kidnap him for a day of fun.
8:30am – We arrive at the laser tag venue, where hilarity ensues. Biden is on the winning team …every time.
10:00am – We race go-karts. Joe wins …every time.
Noon – Joe takes us to T.G.I.Fridays for lunch.
1:30pm – Joe takes us to his favorite ice cream shop.
2:00pm – Nap time.
3:00pm – We give VP a Super Soaker squirt gun and lead him to the biggest squirt gun fight ever on the White House lawn. Obama and I gleefully sit back and take pictures.
6:00pm – Jill and Michelle join us for cocktails followed by dinner at T.G.I.Fridays.
8:30pm – Obama and I process all of our photos of Joe from the day, post them to Instagram, and watch it rain likes.