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Famous Friday Round Up


It seems like everyday we have a new politician announcing their candidacy for the 2016 presidential race. Is there some sort of unwritten guide that us common folk haven’t cued in on? We nailed down a few key steps that will surely have you on your way to joining the federal government as an elected official, whether in the Oval Office or House Office Buildings.




Weather is looking a little sketchy this weekend: Saturday 89 °F and thunderstorms; Sunday 94 °F with AM storms.

Cool stuff you can do this weekend: The Princess Bride OutdoorMovie ViewingMiracles of Modern Science, Honest Haloway, and Incredible ChangeAstronomy Festival on the National MallLocal H at Rock & Roll HotelManassas Wine and Jazz Festival;



When’s the next World Cup Match? This page will tell you; Letters from famous dads; You just got Punk’d… by the Terminator; Justin Bieber is everywhere, even in the sky; Way back when… Jeb was a campaign manager; 3D selfies are a thing; Facebook the Vote! (h/t Anton Vuljaj); Hipsters are dead, long live the hipster; Leaked email between Jeb Bush and his graphic designer; But why the Astros?; “I know guys – we’ll use emoji”;



Sorry David Martosko: shut down by Hilary; RNC launches RLI; Just what Metro needs to spend money on: digital touchscreen advertisements  (h/t Kelly Cohen); Crystal City makes use for multi million dollar empty building; Cat people, this one’s for you; Jurassic World is upon us: 826DC expands across the street;  Roll Call has always been fun, and still is at 60; F*#king Arlington, lighten up;



Tweets you can RT, @mention, or just enjoy: CapehartJ; mikedebonis; LostLettermen; zeldman; marcorubio; edatpost; ryanbeckwith; JillDLawrence



Driving the Presidential Buzz – Hillary Clinton felt the Bern this week after @MorningConsult released its New Hampshire primary poll that found Sen. Bernie Sanders trailed the Democratic presidential leader by only 12 points. Also feeling the burn, traditional media outlets that had to get smart fast on @MorningConsult. Subscribe here to get the best of Morning Consult polling first.


Happy Birthday to Jessica Boulanger, Farrah Skeiky, Nicole Staffin, Katherine Gaines, Cecilia Schnittger, Nicole Daigle, Jennifer Fedor, and David Drucker! A special birthday shoutout to Roll Call who turned 60, but doesn’t look a day over 35. #HBD to Famous furry friend, Hamilton (Hammy) Porter, who turns 1 today! Happy early birthday to Caitlin Runyan and Brittney Ingalls Godoy who will be celebrating the day of their birth this weekend!



More than 100 people joined Sara and Ron Bonjean, Sheena Arora and Rodell Mollineau and Veronica and Brian Walsh for the Rokk Solutions launch party at PJ Clarke’s Sidecar Wednesday night.

The hosts with the most, from left: Ron Bonjean, Rodell Mollineau, Brian Walsh
The hosts with the most, from left: Ron Bonjean, Rodell Mollineau, Brian Walsh

It was a party not to be missed – guests included:

Rob Collins and John Scofield, S-3 Group; Bill McGinley, Jones Day; Rob Saliterman, Snapchat; Robert Zirkelbach, PhRMA; Katie Harbath, Facebook; Brian Sansoni, The Cleaning Institute; Alex Skatell and Benny Johnson, IJReview; Bob Stevenson, OB-C Group; Stephen Schatz, National Retail Federation; Laena Fallon, Financial Services Forum; Drew Goesl and Dena Battle, Capitol Counsel;Bob Russell, Simmons Russell Group Marcie Kinzel, General Dynamics; Jeff Grappone, Siemens; Rebecca Spicer, National Beer Wholesalers Association; Sean Spicer, RNC; Matt Butler, DNC; Tammy Haddad; Elliot Berke, Berke Farah; Matt Lavoie, Caterpillar; Amos Snead, Bryant Row;  Carl Hulse, NY Times;  Erin McPike, Chris Frates, Matt Dornic, David Chalian, Deirdre Walsh, Jennifer Simpson, Polson Kanneth and Teddy Davis, CNN; Megan Wilson, The Hill; Nicholas Lintott; Christine Delargy and Elise Viebeck, Washington Post; Lauren French and Kevin Robillard, Politico; Kyle Trygstad, Emily Cahn and Tom Williams, Roll Call;  Megan Smith, The Hill Newspaper; Patrick OConnor and Byron Tau, Wall Street Journal; Zeke Miller and Jay Newton Small, Time Magazine; Jackie Kucinich, Daily Beast; Kristen Hawn, Granite Integrated Strategies; Doug Heye; Kevin Sheridan; Dan Ronayne; John Feehery and James Manley, Quinn Gillespie; Jill Zuckman, Doug Thornell and Kate Nocera, SKDK; Matt Miller, Vianovo; Emily Pierce, DOJ; Michael DiRenzo, The Silver Institute; David McCallum, Senator Harry Reid; Jerr Rosenbaum, Senator John Thune, Mark Paustenbach; Paul Tencher, Kiki and Tim Burger; David Ackerman, Dentons; Jess McIntosh; Evan McMorris Santoro, Buzzfeed; Adriane Marsh, Darren Sands and many more….


Richardson European Staycation: Bennett and Lindsey Richardson celebrate their final days in the district before they move to Brussels. 8 PM Saturday, June 20 on The Patio at Town Hall. Tot ziens!

What has Elliot Berke been up to?; Charles Faulkner is still dishing out advice to interns 14 years later; Congrats to Liz Kelly for passing her exam; Chris Lynch and family are moving back to … Upstate New York; Kristen and Jeff Ostermayer celebrated their one year anniversary; Welcome back to the Hill, Dan Bucheli!; Matt Lira may be looking to purchase some real estate; Elahe Izadi is braver than we are; Shealah Craighead has been a #DClocal for 10 years; Chris Brooks has reached the equator… in Uganda; Neil Chatterjee congratulated the President; Pete Snyder is Outnumbered; Carla Weiss is an #urbangardner #hipster; We’re publishing a Betsy Andres celeb selfie coffee table book; Is Meredith Carden with Sidewire slowing turning into a pro-business Republican?; Donald Trump SWOT analysisWe will buy drinks for anyone who can read this entire article on Politico EuropeCharlotte Sellmyer kicked it with Zac Brown; The Washingtonian Best of Washington party straight ROCKED; The C-SPAN searchable reporter database is SO MONEY; This is Paul Kane on his A-game;



Janine Gibson welcomed by BuzzFeedUK as new editor in chief; Steve Rossi joins Digital First Media as new CEO; Nichols Blechman takes on Creative Directive roll at the New Yorker. Whitney Vargas named executive editor of T Magazine.



Call your dad on Sunday.