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Oliver Knox made our Monday a little better with this in-depth look at presidential campaign souvenirs over on Yahoo! Politics.

In 2008, the Obama campaign “bought all of the American-made, union-made navy T-shirts. Like, all of them. In America,” the aide explained. In 2012, one of the hottest items was a white coffee mug with Obama’s newly public birth certificate. “We sold close to 40,000 made-in-the-USA mugs with the birth certificate graphic. We bought all of the white union-made mugs in the country.”

Another gem:

“Not everyone noticed, but (Mitt) Romney and Obama both used the same color blue,” [Lira] said with a laugh. “So in October 2012, pretty much, if you wanted to buy a blue made-in-America shirt, you were out of luck.”


Read the whole thing (it’s worth it) over here at Yahoo! Politics.

H/T to Ron Fournier at National Journal.