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Morgan Gress is Editor at 1776, and the former editor of FamousDC. 

A quick note: FamousDC’s current editor, Marie, asked Morgan to write today’s thankful Thursday post. Guiding influences that immediately came to her mind? Amos Snead and Josh Shultz.

First internship, first job. And first real DC happy hour FamousDC style.

I met Amos Snead at a conference at American University while he was speaking on a panel. I walked up afterwards to introduce myself and five minutes later I had his Story Partners business card for an internship interview. The thing he doesn’t know was that I had just received a few job rejections that morning. I was really down and nervous that I wouldn’t have a summer internship leading into my senior year. Thanks to Amos taking a few minutes to talk to me, I went to the interview and it turned into a year-long internship that launched my career.

I met Josh Shultz when I began working on FamousDC. After interning at Story Partners and writing for FamousDC, I landed my first job as an account manager at NJI Media with Josh as my boss. I was also able to divide my time between NJI and FamousDC, something I never imagined would happened. The two of them cooked up the combo job opportunity, and like most things they come up with together, it was awesome.

I couldn’t ask for two better people to learn from. Their guidance, energy, excitement, and whip-smart advice changed me from DC intern to DC professional.

Some of their best advice, combined:

  • Go big or go home
  • High fives all around
  • Subject lines matter
  • The client is always right. Except when they’re not. But tell them they’re right anyway.
  • Never forget, everyone started as an intern somewhere

If they hadn’t opened the door and trusted a 20-year old to take the reigns on FamousDC, I would not be where I am today. I’m so thankful they’re at the top of my GChat list and still around for a cup of coffee when I need a sounding board.