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It’s the last two weeks of recess. Have you checked everything off your recess bucket list?

Better start working if you haven’t…

  • Put off every conceivable task that you could until next week
  • Taken a three-hour lunch at Bullfeathers
  • Taken a much more harried three-hour lunch, off the hill (“sure, I can come downtown!”)
  • Locked the intern in the cage
  • Held a rolling chair race in the hallway
  • Grown your “recess facial hair”
  • Gotten a mani/pedi at Tammy’s
  • Been on a Capitol tour, for you, by you
  • Stared longingly at job posts
  • Played a poker game in the Member’s office
  • Toed the line of your office’s dress policy with an outfit that’s questionable even for recess
  • Wore flip flops to work
  • Bragged about wearing flip flops to work
  • Left at 3:30 on a Tuesday to go to the bar
  • Gotten in at 10 30 am on a Wednesday, hungover
  • Drawn straws to see who has to clean out the mini-fridge
  • Planned your upcoming vacation, which, let’s be honest, you won’t take until next August
  • Actually taken a vacation, leaving the most smug out of office notification possible
  • Repeatedly emailed staff on vacation to annoy them, despite their automated out of office emails
  • Perfected your paper airplane folding technique (you’ve moved on to paper cranes)
  • Ordered lunch beers
  • Ordered lunch margaritas
  • Ordered breakfast beers
  • Read in the office
  • Watched Netflix in the office
  • Attended at least two daytime Nats games
  • Tanned on a CHOB balcony
  • Unplugged your desk phone
  • Cleaned out that drawer wherein you find a four year old blackberry, jellybeans, half a bottle of something and someone’s number on a bar napkin
  • Eaten all the candy out of your co-worker’s candy dish (extra points for secretive snacking)
  • Brought your dog to the office
  • Tweeted at all your celebrity crushes
  • Attended a movie … by yourself … during the day
  • Cleaned up your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram feeds (for real this time!)
  • Hooked up with the hot intern before they leave town
  • Finished the expense report for that’s severely overdue
  • Have a lunch sit down with everyone you know
  • Plot your fantasy football draft
  • Updated your resume
  • Made yourself sick of Twitter, Facebook and Google chat.
  • Spent a weekday afternoon at a rooftop pool
  • Ignored requests from your District Staff – it’s the 1 month they have the boss…they can figure it out
  • Complained at least twice daily about the Longworth Cafeteria being closed

This bucket list brought to you by our brilliant FamousDC writers.

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