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There have been a lot of reactions to The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful List, a tradition 11 years in the running, but we’ve collected a few of the best here. Enjoy.

Best Use of Smarmy Sarcasm

“Scientifically speaking, the most beautiful person on the hill would be a well-oiled sailor in wrinkled jeans, a tie, and a Hermés scarf.”

-Allie Jones, Gawker (How to Be Beautiful, According to D.C.’s “50 Most Beautiful People”)

Best Highlight of Conflicting Beauty Advice

“Be Rand Paul … Be Young … Go to the Gym … Don’t Go to the Gym … Start a Blog … Don’t Iron Your Jeans”

-Arit John, the Wire (“Six Sad Ways to Land a Spot on The Hill’s 2015 Most Beautiful People List)

Best Complete Call-Out

“Everyone just relax, says this dude, who took somewhat intimidating crossed-arms photos for this light-hearted feature. ‘It’s cliche, but I try very hard not to take myself too seriously in this town.’  Sure.”

-Sarah Larimer, The Fix, Washington Post (Everything you need to know to be beautiful, according to The Hill’s “50 Most Beautiful” list)

Most DC Reaction

“…without much further ado, here are the four most beautiful government relations professionals on the Hill.”

-Tess VandenDolder, In the Capital (4 Top Influencers From The Hill’s Most Beautiful List)

Biggest Picture

“Number of Washington politicos attempting to convince us that they — no, really — don’t have an affiliation: 8”

“Number who seriously believe that: 0”

-Walt Hickey, FiveThirtyEight (The Number of Beautiful People on Capitol Hill: 50)

Most Humbled Beautiful Person

“It’s been a whirlwind morning for Danielle Sikes, who on Tuesday took the top spot on The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful list. … ‘I’m not going to go down to that cafeteria today.’”

-Judy Kurtz, The Hill (50 Most Beautiful winner ‘in shock’).