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#NATIONAL Will Kanye West play only Kanye West songs at his wedding?; #SnowdenSelfie; Umm … Tennessee?; Rent or buy?; Glassholes strike again; Donkeys have BFFs; stock up on garlic oil for your usual swampy summer; Will Ferrell/RCP drum-off; Vintage drum-off h/t Mike Dankler; Pretend you’re in college again and get inspired; Books to pick up for the long weekend;

#DISTRICT Did you see anyone famous on the Mall this week?; You can thank LBJ for the Metro; But we’re unsure who to thank for these confusing new Metro maps; 50 senators against “Redskins;” 9:30 club oral history; #DCWEATHERPANIC h/t Ladies Who Lobby; We like our coffee too; Like we didn’t already feel bad about the D.C. cost of living, NPR; NO MORE PAPER FARECARDS?! How will our elderly aunts get around?; “Let me take a selfie” –your boss; at least Chris Moody likes us;

#BIRTHDAY Happy birthday Nick Uehlecke; Happy birthday week Shauna Alexander;

#CONGRATS Congratulations in order for graduates Colin Wilhelm & Kenny Ames; Huge congrats Mitch Relfe & Janelle Hervig;

#MEDIAMOVES thanks to Story Partners; Congrats to @NickMassella for taking over the editorial reigns @FishbowlDC and to @timothyrhoman for joining @MorningConsult. Homan will oversee the newest daily briefing, Morning Consult Finance, which launches this month. The @WashPost welcomes @RachelFeltman as its first science blogger and @nancyscola to “The Switch,” its finance blog. Meanwhile @CNN moves its remaining Atlanta shows to New York City, meaning all CNN shows are now anchored out of NYC or DC. Finally, Capitol Counsel – one of DC’s leading financial and banking government relations firms – hires Senate Banking Specialist Jenn Fogel-Bublick to help lead its growing financial and banking practice.

#BYE Here’s where we may be this weekend, unless we venture out to some far-flung destination, or, unless find a good show to Netflix for 36 hours straight.