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People say DC is Hollywood for ugly people, but as District fanatics, we take slight offense to that notion – at least most of the time.

However, as a city always on the go, it’s hard to look perfect all of the time – especially when your day starts with a breakfast meeting and ends with a dinner gala. That’s why locals are using the latest on-demand photo editing app to fix those photo imperfections.

Photox, founded by a retired DC politico, enlists the help of professional touch-up artists that will work to transform your photos within minutes. From evening out skin tone, to tanning, to color correction and teeth whitening, Photox can make any selfie look Hollywood ready. 

We teamed up with the designers at Photox and helped touch up a few political snapshots. Click any photo below to enlarge.

John Boehner

Services used:

Lighten Skin



Bill Clinton

Services used:

Skinny Face

Six Pack Abs









Check out the abs on … Bill Clinton?

Callista Gingrich

Services used:

Remove object

Whiten Teeth

Adjust Eyes






We thought we’d remove Calista’s diamond necklace to make her a #womanofthepeople and make her eyes less- well, scary.

 Rick Scott

Services used:

Remove Bald Spot




In this alternate reality, Rick Scott never went bald.

John McCain

Services used:

Background Removal



Former FL Gov. Charlie Crist with Senator John McCain. “Nope, this never happened… I’m totally a Democrat.”

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton

Services used:

Minimize Wrinkles

Color adjustment

Whiten Teeth







So whether you have a boss that needs his aggressive comb-over doctored, or you want to update your profile picture, download Photox and start taking advantage of professional touch-up artists at your fingertips.