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*UPDATE* Donate here to help Frager’s rebuild.

The fire was horrible.

And, yes, there are lots of awful pictures floating around on Twitter and Facebook yesterday.

But we want to remember the old Frager’s.

Frager’s was a place where you could go with any household repair question and they could tell you exactly what skinny aisle you could find the fix on within seconds. Frager’s cooked out on every holiday to thank their employees for working. Their garden always looked like you wanted yours to look. And the paint store could talk you into redoing your entire kitchen when you were just planning to “stop by for a minute.”

The Frager’s employees were some of the nicest and most helpful people you could meet on Capitol Hill. And they charged more for Dallas Cowboys hardhats than the rest of the NFL teams.

FamousDC has been working on a post about how incredible 8th Street, SE has become. So, we spent last Saturday cruising around Frager’s and snapping pictures. Here are some of the best shots, but we’d love to add your memories of Frager’s here too. Send us pics at [email protected] and we’ll add them here:

Photo by David Popp

Urban Christmas: who needs a car when you have Frager’s in your ‘hood? by Amy Cocuzza

We think Michelle Boorstein said it best:

For this bustling little anthill of transient go-getters, people who came to Washington to change the world, Frager’s is an essential part of keeping us ants functioning.

Got pics of you love at Frager’s? Send them to us: [email protected]