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Cloture Club’s Epic Holiday Reception List almost broke the interwebs, Pedi cabs are the new black, Bret Manley on his A-game, 50 pundits worth following from now through the election, MKH >Kilimanjaro, Neda Semnani and Warren Rojas spent the week hunting, what’s playing in Jack Smith’s iPod?, Brian Williams handles fire alarms like a boss, here are your DC New Year’s Eve plans, Frosty the Snowman went on a bender in Chestertown, Christmas Trees are heading East, posts like this help us stay on Tim Ryan’s email distribution list, we hope Hank Stuever has a nice weekend, Ninja Gaiden flashback, Rick Perry hugged T-Pain, And thank you to Morgan Gress, the American University Social Media Club, the Jack Smith fan club and AU PRSSA for having FamousDC over to talk about networking (#hypernet). For those of you heading to Capitol Hill, here’s a handy chart to map your career progress. There was a lot of energy and potential in the room. We hope y’all remember  us little people when you take over the world.