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We’re just two weeks away from kicking off the summer-tourists-in-DC-flood season.  But this year’s festival of out-of-towners standing on the wrong side of the Metro escalator will have a twist.  When you find yourself standing in line behind a tourist at a place like the National Archives, Air & Space Museum or the Capitol, and you see one punching keys on his/her iPhone and he/she suddenly starts jumping up and down with excitement and pounding on their chest (likely sporting a tie dyed t-shirt), you might wonder: Wow, what is he or she up to?  And, can I have what he or she is having?

Here’s a possible reason for that tourist’s excitement.

Today, C-SPAN launched its foursquare badge.

Users of foursquare, the geosocial mobile app, can earn the C-SPAN badge by checking in at five of many pre-designated Washington, D.C. locations where C-SPAN typically has or sends cameras to cover events.  Also, checking in at key political sites across the country during the now-underway presidential campaign (like tonight’s Newt Gingrich speech in Georgia that C-SPAN is carrying live) will count toward earning the C-SPAN badge.  Many of these locations already have educational C-SPAN tips placed on foursquare.  Find the list here: www.foursquare.com/CSPAN

Alternatively, if you’re sticking just with fellow in-town folks this summer, like chatting someone up at a food or drink joint, and if you’re trying to figure out if the person you’re talking with really is a geek or just faking it, that person may very well have the badge to prove it.  Of course, you’ll have to be friends with them on foursquare first to find out.  So, this badge will help you find your fellow geeks.  Any guesses who the first member of Congress will be to get the badge?  Perhaps foursquare super-user Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ).