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The word of the week was — long form, Mr. Hollywood (aka Doug Heye) chimes in, who wants to go to the gun show, no offense to Will and Kate, but this is the only royal wedding we care about, now that we know the President was in fact born in the United States – can we get back to the fact that he is “very anti-American”, Robert Gibbs loves the Donald, Will Seth Myers be funnier than our most favorite Congressman at #nerdprom on Saturday night?, Emily Miller joins the Washington Times, Ericka Andersen is taking her messaging savvy over to the Heritage Foundation to be a part of the digital communications team, look out for new House data standards, here’s our quarterly shout out to Chris Paulitz, with gas prices on the rise, is it time to break out the tire pressure gauge again?, tell Erica Suares Happy Birthday today, recess is over, no more Nantucket Red or green pants – you have to wear a tie on Monday, it’s almost that time of year again, Dan Snyder is not Anti-American, he is just Anti-Washington … and if you see Josh Sharp, tell him happy birthday from FamousDC.