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Today Redskins owner Dan Snyder took to the opinion pages of the Washington Post to explain why he is filing a second lawsuit against the Washington City Paper.

Mr. Snyder argues that this is about “the truth” and an attempt to “correct the record.”

And it is not about him being “thin-skinned about personal criticism.”

He then goes on to write 800 words that include:

“I” = 27 times

“me” = 3 times

Yep, this is totally, 100% about the truth.

And let’s review how many times these words were used:

“winning” = ZERO times

“Super Bowl” = ZERO times

“playoffs” = ZERO times

“championship” = ZERO times

“fans” = ZERO times

And for those of you left wondering why Dan Snyder is suing the Washington City Paper, well, it’s because