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POLITICO’s workaholic reporter, Chris Frates, has launched a new product: POLITICO Influence

It loos like he has some free time between 2 – 5 am for additional reporting. Seriously, we’re not sure how he does this.

From today’s inaugural edition of POLITICO Influence:

Good Wednesday afternoon and welcome to the inaugural edition of POLITICO Influence, the must-read crib sheet for Washington’s influence class. This quick, midafternoon daily intelligence report chronicles the lobbyists and message makers working to shape legislation and public opinion.

PI reports on who’s snapping up the top talent, what firms are landing the big contracts and the gossipy tidbits that make the cocktail circuit go ’round. So please send all hirings, firings, new client announcements, fund raising appeals, spin, dish, dirt and other juicy tidbits to [email protected]. You can also find me at 703.647.7992 and on Twitter @frates . Give a shout to introduce yourself or to say hello. Got friends who’d enjoy POLITICO Influence? Send ’em this link to sign up for a copy of their very own. Or just shoot me their email and I’ll put them on my list. It is available for free until summer 2011.

Congratulations to Chris and the POLITICO team on the successful launch!