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FamousDC has always been a big Mike Allen fan. We even nominated him as our Media Ticket Presidential Candidate in 2008.

President – Mike Allen, Politico

The hardest working media personality needs the top office.  He’s moral, honest, and trustworthy – to a fault. We need a President who will send 1,000 emails per day to answer the American citizens’ questions and concerns. We need daily morning summaries that include White House tee ball updates. We need a President who carries extra blackberry batteries with him, because he always outworks his PDA. We need a President who sleeps only because he’s forced to. We need Mike Allen 2008!

So of course, we were pumped to find some Mike Allen love in this morning’s Playbook.

TOP TALKER – “FamousDC” bloggers unmasked in Washingtonian’s January issue – Shane Harris: “For three years, the politics-and-media blog FamousDC has carved out a niche by … embracing the press flacks, Hill schedulers, midlevel reporters, and K Street climbers who stand behind—and sometimes are crushed beneath—their famous bosses. … Attempts to out the authors of the group project have been fruitless. But recently, FamousDC’s founders decided to end their self-imposed anonymity: Amos Snead, a principal at the public-relations firm Story Partners, and Josh Shultz, a partner at the digital-communications agency NJI Media, turn out to be the affable scribes behind the chatty site. They’re a pair of thirtysomething Southern transplants—Snead is from Alabama, Shultz from Texas … The duo began writing during their off-hours, when Snead was a Capitol Hill press secretary and Shultz was the director of new media at the National Republican Congressional Committee. In their day jobs, they were courting bloggers. At night, they were bloggers.” http://bit.ly/hWpIdQ

–PLAYBOOK FACTS OF LIFE: This was an actual D.C. secret, unknown even by people who usually know such things. And we coulda SWORE it was Dayspring and Heye!

And for the record, Mr. Heye was one of the first people to figure it out.

Thank you to everyone for playing along and Happy New Years! We’ll see you in 2011.