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There ain’t much more in this world that we enjoy more than lists – especially end of year lists containing all FamousDC folks.

From Facebook to Brightest Young Things and from Wale to the  Obama White House …

Meet the 35 people under 35 who changed DC in 2010.

2010 was the year young people ruled Washington. BLTWY takes a look at the most influential people 35 and under in politics, music, food, nightlife and sports.

Find out who sits closest to President Obama, who teaches lawmakers about Facebook, who opened the hottest new bar, who Hillary Clinton calls her “other daughter,” who raised record money for Republicans and who proved that genius sometimes comes with a dose of shirtless beer pong — among many other feats.

These are the people shaping politics and culture in Washington. Enjoy!

1.Reggie Love

2.Jon Lovett

3. Dominique Dawes

4. Arun Chaudhary

5. Jon Favreau

6. Katie Johnson

7. Sam Kass

8. Kristen Jarvis

9. Tommy Vietor

10. Alexander Ovechkin

11. Stephen Strasburg

12. Huma Abedin

13. Adam Conner

14. Brendan Steinhauser

15. Lt. Dan Choi

16. Elliot Bisnow

17. Angela Rye

18. Nick Ayers

19. Aaron Schock

20. Rep. Jared Polis

21. Michael Steel

22. Spike Mendelsohn

23. Sheldon Scott

24. Jen Corey

25. Katherine Kallinis & Sophie LaMontagne

26. Ari Shapiro

27. Wale

28. Julianne Brienza

29. Justin Vitarello & Peter Korbel

30. Nathaniel Ru, Nicholas Jammet & Jonathan Newman

31. Svetlana Legetic

32. Christylez Bacon

33. Helena Andrews

34. Viotela Edelman

35. Ezra Klein

And we never miss a chance to bump some Wale. Bring it #27 most powerful BLTWY Power Lister!