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SJL watches C-SPAN, more than $27,000 worth of concert tickets to the Fillmore were stolen, write it in, there are folks straight killing it, Artur Davis is taking on the establishment, Famously Facebooked made a return, the aliens are here, spelling is hard, Governor Barbour made the DC rounds, tell Mr. Barnes good luck this weekend against the ole ball coach, John Thune strategized with George Will at Charlie Palmer’s, Justin Smith is rocking DC, fly through NYC from you desk, you can run the House floor with an iPad, did you remember to pack up my box of drugs?, C-SPAN hotties, we need more details on this Mr. Reid Wilson, White House speech writers are funny, China launched a charm offensive, tell Dave Meyers happy birthday today and Doug Heye “will be out of the country, on a beach, until December 7. He won’t be checking e-mail – won’t even be reading Playbook – while gone.”