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Arianna Huffington loves Christine DeLargy’s jewelry, Clinton Portis wanted to be a wrestler as a kid, DC experienced a Rainpcalypse, Tara Palmeri is the boss, Emily Heil celebrated her birthday, Ryan Grim is that guy, Executive Branch spelling is hard, Huffington Post vs. POLITICO, Gilbert Arenas stopped shaving, Supreme Court continues to take up the cases that define America, Betsy vs. Ana continues, day and night, Chris “Front Page” Frates, now we know what to get Jay Rupert for Christmas, staffers can’t plead the 5th, it’s always tough being the new guy, The Fix is taking over everything, Vince or Vincent Gray?, can someone please tell LeBron to stop talking, Reid Wilson vs. Aaron Blake, Roll Call‘s Charlie Mitchell resigned, Joe Miller went house hunting, social media wars, tell Jessica happy birthday tomorrow, Dusty can walk on water, just to clarify for Kevin: Luke > Ricci > Courtney > Schubert > Betsy, best weekend bets, Andrew Satter vs. Gallup, Doug Heye is finally following us on Twitter, best interception you’ll see all year, and as always, thank you for stopping by.