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The NFL season is in full swing and Brad Kanus has agreed to join us for another year.

FamousDC presents … Fantasy Football Rantworthy: Week 3

This week is going to be short.  My wife birthed our little future fantasy champion in time for me to catch all the NFL action last Sunday and it has been an exciting sprint since.

Here we go:

1.   Anybody writing anything about football has to start with Vick this week.   Had Andy Reid not come to his senses and started Kolb, fantasy owners would have surely put a hit out on him.   And let’s not forget what the heathens in Philly would have done to him.  Vick is in the top ten of fantasy earners so far this season and I’d hate to lose that resource I picked up off of the waiver wire in week one.

2.  Favre has gone all Favre and is in danger of sinking more than your fantasy team.  The talk around the Vikings’ locker room is that he has shit his Wranglers and refuses to take them off.  It’s a sad fall for an American football icon.

3.  Jahvid “Good Better” Best is a fluke of the highest order.  He was thrown the ball as much as he was handed it on Sunday.  Your two receiver should not be your top runner.  Teams will figure this out and quickly.  If you started him, you got a nice surprise.

4.  Cowboys lose again.  Somewhere an Angel gets her wings.

5.  I guess I was actually right about Chris Johnson and Vince Young.  You’ve seen their last good game.   Do not torture your team by continue to start Johnson as your feature back.

6. The Jets beat the Pats… I’ll drink to that.  Somebody can’t catch a pass, but they can catch a buzz.

7. I’d like to point out that Denver Bronco and World of Warcraft nerd, Kyle Orton, is tearing up the fantasy world.  He’s a top ten fantasy earner among QBs and a top ten fantasy earner overall.  If you don’t have this guy on your fantasy team, you’re no better than those LARPers in the park living out their dreams.  Come for the neck beard, stay for the Tebow shaming.

8. McNabb is awesome.  He’s a starter from now on.  What a deal in Washington to finally have someone who can throw.

9.  I’m not buying the Steelers.  It’s just a phase they are going through.  I see something more than the towels being terrible in Pittsburgh this year.

10. The Flippers have the second best fantasy scoring defense in the league right now?  Two games and Miami is averaging 15 fantasy points per game.

11. Take the Chiefs all day at home over the 49ers.  Stay away from the Ravens/Browns game – you can’t win.  The Skins are giving 3.5 in St. Louis – take it and take it big.   I think Bama is the real deal this year.  Texas is bound to fall.  OU is dangerous to bet on after smoking Fla. State and then barely inching out a Military Brigade.  And for the love of God do not get burned by any team with name Oregon in their title.

I’m out – More story lines next week when I’ve successfully pawned my fatherly duties off on our Guatemalan live in maid.  Once I’ve skirted my duties and returned to my degenerate fantasy ways, we’ll have some more solid material to work with.