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Happy Friday the 13th, Charlie Rangel filibustered the House, Andrew Sullivan likes to do druwings, thank you for teaching prostitutes to handle their booze, this calls for a leg kick, Chuck’s tired, Desiree Rogers got a new gig, Chinese prostitutes benefit from your pay check, photo entries are rolling in,  we love the Tune Inn, Erick Erickson vs. Michael Steele rumors continue to churn, Rick Klein will love this link, check this out Frates, wish Brad Dayspring good luck in the Jungle this weekend, Calvin & Hobbes database, Justin Smith making BIG moves: Sue Davis & Fawn Johnson are heading to National Journal, we would love to play for Rex Ryan, why celebrities should move to DC, Maegan Carberry would like to thank Eric Kuhn & Jessy Tolkan (hosts), Shana Glickfield, George Alafoginis, Megan Rollins, Kristin Soltis, Eric Zoberman, Blaise Nutter, Sara Haile Mariam and others who braved a torrential downpour, flooding and power outages to celebrate her 30th birthday last night!, Chris Paulitz brokered a cowpool between Stuart Roy, Shannon Flaherty and Blain Rethmeier on Facebook, and congrats to Jaclyn and Kevin Madden on their new baby boy.