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Strasburg didn’t pitch last night and thousands of fans were disappointed. And then today The Hill’s 50 Most Beautiful People is released.

Peaks and valleys, man. Peaks and valleys.

Yes, the only power list in Washington that puts staff assistants ahead of Members of Congress and Chiefs of Staff is here.

So let’s all review today’s conversation starter that just made a 24-year old staff assistant from Huntsville, Alabama, Alexis Latifi, FamousDC.

The Hill: 50 Most Beautiful People

Speaking of Alabama, FishbowlDC’s Betsy Rothestein noted yesterday (“Alabama Hot“) that much like college football, the southern state dominated.

1. Alexis Latifi, a rare gem

5. Ben Duham, Almost Famous

6. Nichelle Williams, Sweet home Alabama

Take us to the list Nelly!

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