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Between the coronation of the so-far very deserving Stephen Strasburg [SI jinx!! Nooo!!], the Caps impressive playoff run, and the Skins’ hiring of Mike Shanahan and Jedi-mind-trick pick-up of Donovan McNabb, we were starting to think that this town’s sports franchises might finally be turning a corner.

Enter Albert Haynesworth. Who apparently wants a trade [seriously?]. A year after signing a $100 million contract with our beloved Skins.

And let’s all take a moment to remember that Haynesworth contract is worth a GUARANTEED $41 million. So that’s $41 million coming his way even if he never plays a down at FedEx field again or — worse — holds out for so long that he’s not worth anything in trade. The Pentagon doesn’t give out that much free money.

So thank you, Albert, for smacking us all upside the head with a $41 million 2×4 and reminding us of what it really means to be a Washington sports fan.