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Dear Friends,

Last week FamousDC became famous. Like Drudge famous. Like now Nancy O’Dell is following us on Twitter famous. Like maybe if we weren’t anonymous, we would make one of those fancy Capitol File lists famous. As our readers know, this change in status came about after we posted pictures of White House flak Tommy “Darth*” Vietor and Presidential speechwriter John “Favs” Favreau playing bare-chested flip cup in Georgetown.

To be honest, we never thought people would be all that interested. We happen to agree with this guy and that guy, and totally support the right of staffers to blow off steam in any way they choose (within the bounds of the Constitution and the laws of human decency). Certainly a game of half-nude flip cup falls into the “acceptable” category — God knows we’ve done worse … on that very deck.

But as luck (or bad luck for Darth and Favs) would have it, the post ran just as the White House was getting heat for not paying attention to leak in the Gulf, and it took off. Big time. It was everywhere: link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link, link. It played into a narrative, and we all know what that means.

So let us first say that we never wished to cause Tommy and John any problems with the Commander in Chief, and we hope he didn’t find out.  We’d hate for the leader of the free world to have to deal with some Toby from HR. And our personal apologies to you, President Obama (we doubt you even know about this, but if you do…well, shucks, we’re big fans).

Darth and Favs, we understand you might hate us. That’s ok. We hate us, too.

BUT…COME ON GUYS. You handled this so poorly.

You made the story worse and gave it legs — like Gwen Stefani legs — by denying you were playing drinking games and making up a dumb story about the rain. You, we — and our camera-happy tipster (God bless him/her) — know that it WAS a drinking game and that the pec party had nothing to do with rain…But ok, whatever you say.

In either case, you should know how to kill a story. Come on, brosephs — you’re both press guys.  Don’t you know the cover up is always what gets you? No wonder the White House is losing control of the narrative…

Look, guys: party on. You work really hard. You have demanding jobs. But they’re AWESOME jobs. Your lives are made, and you get to make history. That might mean you have to tone down the weekend fraternity pledge reenactments. Or not wig out if millions of people get pissed that you’re chugging brews instead of plugging leaks.

But don’t worry. Your sentence lasts just two more years (six for good behavior).

Meanwhile, if you’re going to continue to do dumb stuff in public, could you let us know beforehand? We’d like to make sure the scene is properly lit for our camera.

-Famous DC

*This isn’t his nickname…yet. But if it catches on, he owes us dinner.