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So much for thinking your leftovers were safe. [what’s for lunch?]

From Fark: *knock* *knock* Hello, I’m here to take census information. Anybody home? *knock* *knock* Hello? Oh well, I’ll walk on in and collect data anyway since we’re allowed

We’re not quite sure how they estimate the number of people who live in each residence, but we bet the equation they use makes a sh*t ton of sense.

UPDATE: We got a hold of the the “Census Estimation Equation.”

Census Estimation Equation:

Take the total the number of shoes found in the house and divide that number by half of the total of plates in the cupboard.  Multiply that by the number of towels in the bathroom and then divide that by the total number of *available* seats in the living room.  If drunk Great Uncle Bob is passed out in the recliner, mark him as “1”.

For instance, if there were:

26 pairs of shoes
8 plates
3 towels
6 total seats

26 towels / 4 plates [remember we divided 8 in half] = 6.5
6.5 * 3 towels = 19.5
19.5 / 6 seats in the living room = 3.25 total people living in the residence

* Note I: If you’re in a hurry, just count the towels.
* Note II: If there are several colors of what seem to be the same shoe, count those as one.